Brand identity - Animation Principles

Animation Principles

Animation is key for delivering a modern immersive experience. Our approach to motion is inspired by our instinctive driving experience.​  We have designed an animation guideline that defines the principles of our brand motion language that must be used on each form of communication of the brand.​

The main animation curves are intended to demonstrate  Peugeot’s dynamic expression.​ Their strong starting acceleration balanced by a soft finish  reflects the symbiosis between the dynamism, the know- how and the mastery of the brand.​


The magnetic animation curve must be used exclusively for the magnetisation effect of the text, which is achieved by moving the text to the edge of the page.​ The magnetic curve is expressed by a slow start and an  accelerated finish to represent the original effect of the  physical magnetic phenomenon.​
Brand identity - Animation Principles

Brand identity - DESIGNER - Animation Principles
Motion Designer Julien DEBOMY